Girl Scout Troop 1055

(Courtesy of the Wagener Monthly)

In September 2011, Girl Scout Troop 1055 was formed in Wagener. After participating in an Aiken troop and training, Jessica Cutler formed the troop and became troop leader. 

The troop is a multilevel troop, meaning that the troop is available for any girl enrolled in grades K5 through 12th grade. At this time, we have Daisies - K5 through first grade; Brownies - second through third grade, Juniors - fourth through fifth grades; and Cadettes - sixth through eighth grades.

Registration is $12. We are always seeking and accepting new girls and adults to become leaders for the troop. Meetings are held on Mondays from 6-7:30 p.m., except the first Monday of each month, at the Roy Warner Park in Wagener. We are allowed to use the park building compliments of ACPRT. Our first meetings in September began with the girls learning the basics and history of the Girl Scouts. They made friendship bracelets as they got to know one another.

The Daisies planted a lettuce garden together with supplies donated by the Wagener Milling Co. They tend to the garden on each meeting. We also had our very first fundraiser. Thank you to you all who purchased nuts/snacks and magazines to help our troop.

In October, the girls made jack-o'-lanterns using glass jars. They celebrated Halloween and the birthday of the Girl Scouts founder, Juliette Gordon Low. Each meeting the girls read and explore in their journey books. They also enjoy a snack. In trying new things, the girls have enjoyed tomato soup, guacamole, salsa and peanut butter with apples.

In November, the girls showed their unity by making tie-dye t-shirts to wear on special occasion. Each group selected a color to use. Our shirts are pink, purple and red. The younger girls made sequin and pine cone turkeys, as well as a "Happy Thanksgiving" sign for the seniors at the Courtney Center. The older girls are learning kitchen safety and teaching it to the younger girls They made dirt cake for all of us to enjoy.

In December, we will be celebrating the badges and patches that the girls have earned so far. We have also planned our first trip to Hopelands Gardens to view the Christmas lights. They will also be decorating sugar cookies to take home and share in the joy of gift giving with a grab bag activity. Training begins for our next fundraiser.

In January, we will be attending a cookie rally to prepare for the Girl Scout cookie sale. On Jan. 13, cookie pre-sales begin. We will be taking preorders during this month before the cookies are delivered.

In February/March, you will be seeing us around town at the local retailers selling cookies. All cookies will be $3.50 a box. What an exciting time we are having and have planned@

Contact us:

Merchants, if you are willing to let us sell cookies outside your business.
Anyone wishing to purchase cookies doesn't have access to a Girl Scout.
Volunteers, if you have s kill, talent and/or activity to share with the girls.
Girls/adult leaders who want to join the troup