Wagener Medical Center has Re-Opened

The Wagener Medical Center opened again on Wednesday, February 1, 2012.  The Barnwell County Hospital closed the Wagener Medical Center near the end of last year due to financial reasons.  Mayor Mike Miller and several local town citizens worked diligently to get the Medical Center re-opened, not only working with the proper authorities, but also working on building renovations. 

The South Carolina Office of Rural Health, along with Dr. Vasant Garde, a long-time friend of Wagener, worked together to help get the Medical Center open to the public again.   Dr. Garde told the Aiken Standard

"I have always been interested in Wagener. I like their approach. It's the same as my approach to provide health care," said Garde. "It hurts you to see someone make that much effort to get to one place (their doctor's office). If people were willing to drive to see me (in Lexington), I asked, 'Why can't I drive myself to see them?' We just want to make sure people get the care they need."

Joining Dr. Garde at the Wagener clinic will be Dr. William Clark.

The Wagener Medical Center, 120 Louie St., is open Mon - Thurs, 9-5 and half day on Fridays.  Call ahead for an appointment if possible, 803.564.8803.