Wagener to Re-Open Medical Center

Mayor Mike Miller and Wagener's town council have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and will re-open Wagener's medical center.  The medical center is scheduled to open on February 1, 2012, if plans go according to schedule.  The medical center will be open Monday through Friday.

In November, the Barnwell County Hospital consolidated their medical centers to one location in Denmark.  Closing the Wagener branch created a lot of hardship for many citizens of Wagener.

"There are people that have to drive thirty miles to get a refill on a prescription, and they just can't do that," Miller said.  "I think everyone agreed without hesitation we needed to do something quickly, and we did."

Councilman George Smith told WRDW "To a lot of folks, they were doomed, because they didn't have [any] other avenue to seek medical attention."  Smith thought the task of re-opening to be almost impossible, but they worked hard and got it done.  "Other towns can probably learn from Wagener's resilience."

Read WRDW's full article and view the video here.